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Rental Manager

Job Description

The People:

We have world travelers, dart players, ocean fishers, football spectators, hockey players, basketball coaches, cheerleading coaches, hikers, beer connoisseurs, softball players, video gamers, dog trainers, motorcycle enthusiasts, Twitch steamers, weightlifters, bicycle riders, painters, paper crafters, adventurous people, homebody people, witty people, serious people, people people, and every other variety of people.  You will find a place in this moxie crew.

Our Hiring Process:

  1. You find this job ad
  2. You read the job ad
  3. It piques your interest, and you think to yourself, hmm my interest is piqued
  4. You Google “what does a real estate property manager do”
  5. You think, “psssht, I can do that”
  6. You let us know you are interested, and you send us your resume
  7. You come and meet the team and we learn more about each other
  8. You tell everyone how amazing your life has become
  9. Your friends come on over and you earn a sweet referral bonus – for each one!


Don’t ignore this opportunity!  Of course, you are happy.  But shouldn’t you always be happier?  Come in and check it out.  Worst-case-scenario – You will meet our awesome team and discover you are a perfect fit, but you don’t take our offer.  Don’t fear change.  Don’t be scared to move on from your current employer.  Don’t fear growing your career.


Share this!  Don’t be afraid of friends and coworkers stealing this job.  If you are amazing and smart, we will find a place for you.  We are a well-established business with multiple opportunities.

The nitty gritty:

Essential Qualifications:

  • Top notch customer service. Seriously, a must.
  • Have a current Alaska Real Estate License, or able to obtain one
  • Motivation to build a successful real estate career
  • Excellent, professional written and verbal communication
  • Ability to use and leverage new and available technologies
  • Reliable transportation, clean driving record, and valid driver’s license
  • Self-motivated to work successfully on a commission basis


Isn’t this why we do any of this isn’t it?  Those motorcycles and vacations don’t buy themselves!  Pay is commission based with a monthly guarantee of $3,000.00 during you training period.  Top earners can range from $75,000 - $100,000+ annually.  We offer health, dental, vision, disability, life, IRA matching, and HSA matching to name a few benefits.

Bonus: PacRim is a well-established business with plenty of in-house referral opportunities to grow your portfolio and experience to draw from.