Company History

PacRim Properties comes from a long and proud real estate lineage in the state of Alaska, predating statehood. 

Company History: PacRim Properties, LLC

A Legacy of Real Estate Excellence in Alaska (1947-1997):

PacRim Properties has its roots deeply embedded in the Alaskan real estate landscape, with a lineage that predates Alaska statehood. The journey began in 1947 when Marston Real Estate was established by Brooke and Wilda Marston. This venture encompassed real estate sales and property management services. Marston Real Estate focused on real estate sales, while Marston Property Management specialized in property maintenance and repairs.

In 1982, Marston Property Management, was then rebranded as Marston Properties. The company shifted its focus towards professional property management, homeowner's association management, and leasing. By the mid-1980s, Marston Properties had risen to become one of Alaska's leading property management firms.

Navigating Economic Challenges (1986-1997):

Around 1986, Alaska encountered a severe economic and real estate recession. Marston Properties responded by offering property management and real estate sales services on behalf of banks and financial institutions dealing with property ownership resulting from real estate loan defaults. Brooke Marston established a general contracting and maintenance company to handle weatherization and repairs on foreclosed properties, preparing them for sale or auction.

During this time, Marston Properties became one of the designated area property management brokers for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Major clients included FDIC, Fireman's Fund, Mutual of New York, and numerous local and state banks. The company expanded to over 200 employees managing more than 7,000 foreclosed properties throughout the state. The Association Management Department also expanded, managing condominium development projects when developers defaulted.

Recovery and Growth (Late 1990s):

With the real estate market showing signs of recovery, Marston Properties retained a sales division alongside its property management operations. Under the leadership of Brooke Marston and Sales Manager Barbara Block, the company also provided marketing services for new developments such as Broadmoor Townhomes and Ashberry Commons.

James Kuntz, as General Manager, played a crucial role in offering property management education, training, and mentorship to employees of Marston Properties and real estate professionals across Alaska. He served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage School of Business and as an instructor for the Alaska Association of Realtors. Many former employees of Marston Properties later secured positions with FDIC, AHFC, and local banks.

The Transition to PacRim Properties (1997):

In mid-1997, James Kuntz and his wife acquired most of the assets of Marston Properties and established a new entity known as Pacific Rim Properties, Inc. The company's mission statement evolved to "Building Value Through Service." This transformation saw an increased emphasis on providing professional property management services, including commercial property management and leasing. The homeowner's association management department grew to become one of the leading providers in the Anchorage area.

In 1997, Pacific Rim Properties moved its offices to new locations at 3000 C Street and later to 405 West 27th Avenue. Many clients of Marston Properties, and subsequently Pacific Rim Properties, maintained long-standing professional relationships with the company, spanning 20 to 30 years.

Both companies were founded on principles of quality service, integrity, and dependability, with exceptional employees being the cornerstone of their success.

A New Chapter: PacRim Properties, LLC (2014):

In 2013, the shareholders of Pacific Rim Properties, Inc. decided to sell the business to key employees, Richard Sorge and Dean DesLauriers. On January 1, 2014, a new chapter began as PacRim Properties, LLC was established, continuing the legacy of excellence and commitment to serving the Alaskan real estate community.  With their leadership PacRim Properties LLC has been a leader of adopting cutting edge technologies and navigating the changing landscape of real estate in the current age.