Neighborhood Watch

Some call it Neighborhood Watch, some call it Crime Watch, Building Watch, or even Block Watch. Any name you give is sure to help reduce fear in each area as well as fight the isolation which crime feeds on. It's also a tool which residents can forge unity, create positive bonds, and improve the relationship.  You may be thinking, why should you become involved in Neighborhood Watch? The answer is simple, because it works.

Studies have shown the active presence of a Neighborhood Watch program has helped in a significant way to reduce robberies, burglary and other related crimes. Within less personal communities, people spend less time at home and the neighbors may not know each other; in most cases this leaves opportunity for break-ins, with neighbors not knowing who may be entering the home and causing no raised alarm when they see 'strangers'. Participating in Neighborhood Watch programs allows you to know your neighbors, and they also get to know you such that in the event someone was to access your house, they can call you and inform the police. Everybody would like to stay in a crime-free area, a place where security and peace are guaranteed even when away from home; your role in the program will greatly help in achieving this.

Neighborhood Watch programs not only secure the neighborhood, they also play a role in addressing other community concerns. Coming together, a community can jointly provide services such as affordable housing, child care and recreation for the youth. You would feel comfortable leaving your children in a community watch program where responsible persons will be taking care of the young ones, also children have the chance to play as a group.

Neighborhood Watch is an essential part in ensuring he security and safety of your community. If your community does not have one, get other motivated and concerned individuals as well as join up with your local law enforcement agency to jointly establish a Watch.